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Most equine dentistry involves prevention. If your horse's teeth are regularly cared for, the maintenance process will not be overwhelming and you should be able to avoid most dental or health complications. Each horse is an individual, and Natural Balance equine dentistry considers the whole horse and all of its environmental factors in developing a maintenance plan.

Symptoms of Dental Problems

 The first picture is a normal horse skull without any pathology. 

Horse with Good occlusion

Below are some pictures of malocclusions.

Horse with Mal-occlusions

Horse with Mal-occlusions

Horse with Mal-occlusions

Horse with Malocclusions3

This picture below shows the incisors with uneven wear patterns going from left to right: 

1. smile,  2. wave  3. wedge,  4. frown/inverted smile

Diagram of incisor abnormalitiesAll of the above pictures do interfere with the range of motion the horse would have. Meaning Anterior and Posterior motion/translation (head up and down) and also Lateral motion/translation going left and right. These movement move throughout the whole body. Where the head goes the body follows.